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Brochure Distribution Services

Get to visitors while they are on the go, and still making plans through VisitorPoint’s extensive brochure distribution network. Where should they stay?  What sounds like the most fun – jet boating, a guided tour or an amusement park with the family? We supply brochures, locally, at a growing number of attractions, accommodation providers, information centres and retail outlets on key tourist routes and in New Zealand’s most popular holiday spots.

Our distribution network

VisitorPoint has an enviable network of more than 2000 display racks – and this number is growing. We merchandise more than 6 million brochures annually for tourism businesses in New Zealand. Hand-picked by tourists themselves, each brochure taken represents a potential customer(s). Effective and efficient, brochure advertising delivers qualified leads at a cost no other can provide. Our display racks reach your prospective customers at:
  • Airports
  • Hotels, motels & resorts
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Tourist attractions
  • Rental car offices
  • Fuel stations
  • And many more!
VisitorPoint display rack locations are spread throughout the country, on main tourist routes, popular holiday destinations and even some off-the-beat locations. Our reach is unmatched by any other in the industry!

  • An independent survey conducted in 2015 by Tourism NZ showed that brochures are #2 in-market influence on visitors' decision making process. 38% of international arrivals to New Zealand chose brochures as their preferred source of travel information.
  • VisitorPoint has more than 2000 display racks across New Zealand’s most popular tourist routes and holiday spots.
  • VisitorPoint distributes more than 6 million brochures annually for tourism businesses and organisations in New Zealand.

How brochure advertising works?

Our display racks are split across 40 circuits, based on location and audience profile. The number of outlets on each circuit varies, with each outlet serviced differently depending on uptake of brochures.

Scroll down to know more about every circuit.

Our team are specialists in the distribution of travel information with more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry. Based on your target audience, campaign objective and performance data of our network, our team will suggest the most effective circuit or mix of circuits to advertise your travel collateral.

During the duration of your campaign with us, we regularly supply you pick up data for each display in your circuit. This way we can determine the effectiveness of your advertising and inform you of any changes so we can optimise your reach and message.

In our continued effort to offer you an integrated approach towards your collateral management and distribution, we can also help you identify designers and printers to produce your collateral. We can also help you identify efficient print runs, and store and distribute your collateral, as well as manage displays for businesses that that require such service.


VisitorPoint have over 2000 display racks available around New Zealand. Learn more about our circuits and locations by clicking the link below.