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Contract Warehousing Services

Get in touch with us for an effective and efficient collateral management services so your marketing team can focus on what it does best: creating fresh, impactful strategies that will elevate your brand and grow your business. We store your printed advertising and promotional materials at our warehouses in Auckland and Queenstown. Inventory management, including restocking and ordering, is done by our specialist team. We offer a top-of-the-line online ordering system so your outlets can easily feed in their requirements. From receiving orders through to final delivery, this online system can provide full monitoring of your product to ensure timely and prompt delivery to distribution points. As a business, this platform also gives you a clear overview of your stock, what’s moving and where. This information can be vital in improving your business’ performance. While we specialise in advertising collateral management for the travel industry, our services and systems will be useful to any business with advertising and promotional materials to manage.

  • Top-of-the-line online ordering system for inventory management and distribution.
  • Cost effective and efficient collateral management.
  • Highly experienced team.
  • It frees up your time from ordering and inventory management so you can grow your business.

How it works

We store all your advertising and promotional materials at our warehouses, location dependant on your distribution requirements. Our team track your inventory, dispatch promptly, and reorder in necessary quantities as required.

Your outlets and sales team can place orders through our advanced online ordering system, which essentially works as your company’s intranet for advertising and promotional collateral management.

Based on inventory tracking, and combined with our vast travel industry experience, we regularly recommend how you can make your promotional material work harder to achieve your business objectives.