Frequently Asked Questions

Brochure Circuits

Q. Do VisitorPoint design & print brochures?
No, you arrange the design & printing. Take a read of this article before you get started – Great Brochure Design

Q. What size does my brochure need to be?
Standard size is trifold DLE (21cm high x 10cm wide) no less than 130GSM; or 300GSM for rack cards
We can accommodate A4 & A5 in some locations, & a drop-off service for other sizes in some circuits – please contact our sales team.

Q. How many brochures will I need to have printed?
Each Brochure Circuit varies in the number of Outlets being serviced, & brochures themselves vary in thickness & popularity.

See our guide for stock requirement for each Brochure Circuit.
See also the packing & delivery instructions for your Printer.

Q. Do I pay extra to keep the displays full once they have been initially stocked?
Your monthly Brochure Circuit fee is all inclusive, covering the initial stock placement, & subsequent topping up of the displays as brochures are drawn off by your potential guests.

Q. How often do you top up the displays?
Each Outlet is serviced on a cycle depending upon the historic offtake of brochures, & this may fluctuate seasonally. Some Outlets are serviced daily, others weekly or fortnightly. At a minimum, all outlets will be serviced monthly. Our Merchandisers are highly valued, long term employees & professionally manage the Outlets in their allocated Circuits.

Q. Do you do part circuits?
We can certainly limit your Brochure to display, to certain areas or types of Outlets in a Circuit, for the purpose of stock control, then back-fill the balance of Outlets with another product – we do not charge extra for this additional handling. The full Brochure Circuit fee will be charged, as our servicing costs remain the same.

Q. Are i-SITE’s included in your circuits?
Some circuits do include i-SITEs. Please refer to the Location List to see the Outlets your brochure will be displayed at.
Be aware that most i-SITEs accept brochures on a Pay for Display arrangement, & a separate contract with the i-SITE may be required.
i-SITEs not serviced as part of our Brochure Circuits likely order brochures through our Trade Website Service.

Consumer Website

Q. How can I get my brochure & web link on the Consumer Website
We’re happy to provide this additional digital exposure to all our Brochure Circuit advertisers. Please contact our sales team.

Trade Website

Q. How does the Trade Website work?
Key trade Outlets, such as the i-SITE network, who manage their own Brochure stock, or others that require bulk over & above the Brochure Circuit Service, are provided trade website access to browse & order available titles contracted to this service.
Trade Orders range from a single bundle of Brochures, to multiple boxes, which allows these Outlets to manage their often-limited storage space & limit stock wastage.
Listing your Brochure on the trade website is simple & cost effective – you only pay for Brochures dispatched.

Q. How do I order brochures?

Check out our handy video on how to order brochures here

Q. Can I control the quantity of brochures an Outlet can order?
The minimum quantity of brochures available for order is a Bundle (circa 25 copies depending upon how your brochure stock is packed). Talk to us about any limits you’d like set, & we’ll liaise with the appropriate warehouse to put these in place.

Q. How often are orders made through the website shipped?
Orders are handled by our Dispatch Centres located in Auckland & Queenstown. Our standard business hours are Monday – Friday, excluding public holidays. Orders received by 10am are generally dispatched same day. Delivery is then dependent upon the freight company, usually 2-3 days but can affected by weekends & Public Holiday. All orders are tracked & can be traced if required.

Contract Warehousing

Q. Why Contract Warehouse?
Do you have space, time, resource, an Outlet database & a system to manage your inventory? This is where VisitorPoint can add exceptional value to your Business. Simply arrange your full print run to be sent directly to your closest Distribution Centre, & we take care of the rest.
Our Branch Managers will have your Product unloaded, inventoried, & securely stored in our facility ready to supply to your nominated Brochure Circuit Merchandisers; or to promptly pick, pack & dispatch to key trade Outlets.
You’ll have online access to view live Stock on Hand, & a suite of Activity Reporting to help you see where your marketing budget is best utilised. We can also set up your sales team or retail stores to have access to internal only / non-trade type products available for order.
Add to this a dedicated account manager, specialist in the travel & tourism industry, who’ll provide you customised advice; & best value Shipping fees without having to manage multiple freight company relationships; & like our existing Contract Warehousing clients you’ll wonder how you ever did without this service before.

Q. Do you ship internationally & what are the charges?
Absolutely. We send using the service best suited to your needs, & simply recharge +40% to cover the additional packaging & time taken to process your Order.

Q. What is “bulk freight” how many boxes? Is it a pallet?
There is a point at which Orders become more cost effective to pack onto a pallet, depending upon the destination & your carton sizes – roughly 15-20 boxes. Our Distribution Centre teams will always pack & send Orders as economically as possible, & when there is an opportunity to send as ‘bulk’ these cost savings will be passed on to you.


Q. How long does this free of charge for brochures lasts? Does our office have to order by a certain date or order a number of brochures before the brochures become chargeable again? How does this work exactly?
This service is free of charge to you as an Outlet, as it is paid for by the brochure owners who would like you to provide their brochures to travellers.

Q. Also, is there a limit to how many brochures we can order, as we do need to update the brochures for many destinations.
There is no minimum or maximum number of different brochures you can order.
The minimum quantity you can order of any one brochure is 1 ‘bundle’.
There is no maximum quantity of stock you can request; however we may not dispatch your entire order if the quantity is considered too high. As this service is paid for by the brochure owners, we do ask that you order small quantities, more often (a guide would be max 1 months’ worth of stock) to reduce possible wastage should the brochure owner release a new edition.