How brochures can help you reach Chinese visitors

VisitorPoint Outlet Display StandNi hao and huanying!

This week is Golden Week, a 7-day holiday in China that sees a bump in visitors taking advantage of the time to travel both domestically and further afield. China is New Zealand’s second-largest international tourism market, and next year’s New Zealand-China Year of Tourism is a timely reminder of the significance of this relationship. The need to effectively communicate your offering to the Chinese market is imperative, especially considering:

  • The average Chinese visitor spends 9.3 days in New Zealand*
  • The average Chinese visitor spends $4091 whilst in New Zealand*
  • Chinese visitor numbers are predicted to more than double to 913,000 by 2023*
  • The Ministry of Business and Innovation has predicted China will overtake Australia as our largest Tourism market by spend by 2024**
  • The Chinese market is moving towards Free Independent Travellers (FIT), who are more confident arranging their own trips and experiences ***
  • Growth of non-tour Chinese Holiday visitor spend is equivalent to 58% per annum****

VisitorPoint have seen growing demand and consumption of Chinese language brochures, and we now distribute over 23,000 Chinese language brochures each month through our merchandised circuits and trade website. Prominently positioned at airside entry points in Auckland International & Domestic Airport Terminals, Wellington and Christchurch Airports, our displays are one of the first visible information sources for arrivals. Due to increased demand, Queenstown Airport has multiple display options and in addition its own multilingual display. With displays on both ferries along with nationwide coverage in Accommodation, Car Rental Outlets and Attractions, we are well placed to capture Chinese visitors throughout their journey.

We recommend using inspiring imagery and clear selling points in your brochure design, with images of wildlife, water and passive rather than adventure activities, which resonate particularly well with Chinese visitors. Tourism New Zealand has some great resources for businesses seeking advice on how to reach this audience, including their China Toolkit.

Talk to our Sales team today about how we can help you become ‘China-ready’ with your brochure distribution.

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